Posted on November 16, 2022 in Live Chat

Many websites find themselves focusing all their efforts on one goal: Getting traffic. But the job doesn’t end there! Once a user lands on a site, you may only have a few seconds to capture their attention and turn that traffic into revenue.

What is BirdSeed?

Describing what BirdSeed is would be much easier if we could say we were just like our competitors, but BirdSeed is unique.

Is BirdSeed a live chat? Yes, but Live Chat is just the beginning of what BirdSeed can do:

BirdSeed is an all-in-one suite of website tools for growing revenue by building user engagement & experience.

BirdSeed’s user interface is natural, efficient, and polished to a mirror finish. It fits seamlessly in with the best-developed websites on the internet.

It’s even more impressive up close and personal, so let’s get specific.

12 Powerful Tools to Grow Revenue

Knowledge Library

Our knowledge library tool is easy to set up & even easier for visitors to use

Video Showcase

Get face-to-face with clients the first time they visit your site

Link Launcher

Direct users to your most important links with ease & visual appeal

Call Request

Generate leads & direct outreach from customers with call requests

Live Chat

Humanize your website & instantly connect with users in real-time

Phone Contact

Ensure customers find your phone number, address, email & more

Event Announcement

Make sure the right people see your upcoming events

User Feedback

Gain valuable data about users by asking them quick questions

Client Testimonials

Proudly display what your satisfied customers have to say

Schedule Meeting

Start booking appointments efficiently with our scheduling tool

Email Capture

Capture user information exactly when they’re ready to provide it

Contact Form

Collect responses from your users & organize the info for later use

Sounds good, but how does it work?

Users come to your website because they’re looking for something they want. Your BirdSeed tools are designed to satisfy a visitor’s needs and yours at the same time, to be the intersecting joining user and organizational goals to create more conversions.

Create Connections

BirdSeed creates connections between you and your customers, your goals and theirs:

  • Communication Tools connect you and your visitors directly
  • Direct Conversion Tools generate leads automatically
  • Informational Tools educate & show users why you’re different
  • Authority Building Tools create trust

Not all engagement is equal: Companies often have a problem with how their visitors engage. You may need them to call in order to close the sale, but all users do is the email you. BirdSeed allows you to guide them to the options you want them to take while answering their needs.

Engagement Without Limits

Without touching your website’s existing UI or UX, BirdSeed enhances your options for user engagement & conversion.

BirdSeed seamlessly integrates with your website and provides endless customization for visitor interaction. Optimize your BirdSeed tools to convert more visitors to customers, educate your users, and guide them through their customer journey.

You can customize your BirdSeed differently for every page of your website – no limits.

Ideal For Every Industry

Once BirdSeed is enabled on your website, you can immediately begin to engage with customers regardless of your industry. BirdSeed’s flexible tools are applied to generate leads for personal loans or increase e-commerce conversions with equal speed and simplicity.

BirdSeed creates connections between you and your customers, your goals and theirs:

  • Communication Tools provide flexibility in how the customer contacts you
  • Capture emails, contact info and schedule meetings with Direct Conversion Tools
  • Authority Building Tools give you the chance to show off your successes
  • FAQs, videos, and highly relevant links answer customer questions with our Informational Tools

Maximizing Conversions & Revenue

The overall design of BirdSeed and each individual tool was built to increase your revenue and conversions by boosting engagement.

Get Started In Minutes

Turn your website into a 24/7 conversion machine in about 15 minutes!

  • Choose your Tools – Use just 1 Tool or all 12
  • Set business hours – Your panel adjusts as your business opens and closes
  • Customize Engagement Panel – Adjust the style to perfectly match your website
  • Add a welcome message – Invite visitors to connect with you
  • Get the mobile app – and done!

The BirdSeed Difference

BirdSeed stands alone in a field flooded with simple live chat, frustrating chatbots, and other piecemeal solutions. BirdSeed replaces all your separate website engagement tools with the only complete user experience platform.

A successful website prompts users to interact, ask questions, learn more about products or services, leave comments, fill in forms, & navigate via calls-to-action. You might be able to find 12 tools that would provide some of the functionality that BirdSeed has in itself, but you won’t find any that match its ease of use for you and for your users.


BirdSeed provides multiple strategic advantages over other website conversion tools, including:

  • Omni-Channel Engagement – Connect with your users in the way they want to communicate.
  • Easy to Use – All BirdSeed’s tools are installed in one simple-to-navigate widget.
  • Never in The Way – With BirdSeed’s unique design, your tools never overlap or interfere with each other.
  • Cutting Edge Technology – Drive rich & personalized engagement with site visitors, improving conversion rates.
  • Saves Time & Money – By combining functionalities BirdSeed lower costs & saves time with one vendor, one invoice, & one install for 12 tools.

Businesses need to carefully choose unique tools to build a highly engaging website – that not only attracts traffic but turns that traffic into revenue.

Get started with BirdSeed in 15 minutes.

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