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Streamline Customer Communication with the Smart Contact Form Plugin

Effective communication with customers online can be a challenging aspect of closing sales. However, with the Smart Contact Form Plugin, you can simplify the process and enhance your customer interactions.

By leveraging the Smart Contact Form Plugin, you gain the ability to collect and organize contact form entries seamlessly.

Collect info on your users to use later to convert.

Collect & Orgainze Entries

Collect and organize entries by different criteria that matters the most to you.

Set Custom Form Fields

Create custom form fields that ask about specific information relevant to helping.

Endless Design Options

Create designs that reflect specific pages, or your overall website.

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Deliver Value When You Aren’t Available

Contact Forms Made Easy

Design your contact form from scratch, ensuring that it aligns with your branding and captures the necessary information.

Contact Plugin

Simple and Effective

Simplify customer communication and enhance your online interactions with the BirdSeed Smart Contact Form Plugin.

Enhance Conversions

Start engaging your visitors and optimizing your marketing strategy today.

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Real results from our customers

4x more leads
The main benefit of Birdseed is the flexibility. It just fits in our operational workflow. Enable or disable the tools you need, without spending an additional penny. Our leads increased 4x since we started using it.

Leonard Wolff - Developer @Eikonikos
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Provide More Ways For a Prospect to Reach You

Enhance Your Live Chat Experience with Complimentary Plugins

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Free live chat with Birdseed

Empower customers to connect with you instantly through Live Chat, with video response.

Email Capture

Capture visitors' emails to easily build valuable email lists.

Schedule Meeting

Simplify scheduling by enabling visitors to book meetings according to both your availability.

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