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Turn Your Site Into an Educational Tool

Capture the attention of students, faculty, staff, parents, & the community by empowering your website with the tools it needs to effectively communicate & inform.

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Why use BirdSeed to engage students, faculty, staff, parents & the community?

Differentiate Personally

Connect with your audience on a personal level in the way they prefer to communicate.

Capture Instant Interest

Quickly provide value to earn interest from your audience & get your message across.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Build trust through reviews & provide guidance on the educational journey.

Connect visually with students, faculty, staff, & parents.

Imagine if you had a way to connect "in-person" with your audience before your next event, registration, or assembly. With BirdSeed you can by sending video responses whenever it is needed during a live chat conversation.

Provide More Ways For Students, Parents, Faculty, & Staff to Connect

Offer your phone number and physical location to of events or the school itself.

Instantly schedule appointments or meetings with students, faculty, parents, & more.

Capitalize on immediate interest by entering a phone number to receive an instant call

Let your community hear from your current students.

BirdSeed not only allows you to display video and text testimonials, but we also help you to capture the experiences that your previous students had via your own custom link, making the process simple!

Educate At Every Step of the Transaction Journey

Provide answers to any questions your audience may have.

Provide Videos to visually explain any part of the process.

Share any recent news, events or achievements about your school.

Offer Instant Value to Capture Initial Interest

Provide your audience with unique & engaging tools and content to nuture the relationship & ensure you are able to effectively recruit & message.

Ready to boost engagement & drive conversions?

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