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BirdSeed for Event Announcements

Announcing events & alerting users of new content is easier than ever with the Event Announcements tool.

Quickly & easily notify users of upcoming events, sales, or special releases. Then send out important notifications at crucial moments in your users journey - all with one tool.

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Inform users about events, sales, special offers, & more.

Make Event Anouncements

Announce upcoming events and make sure that the right people see them.

Display The Latest News & Announcements

Keep customers up to date with your latest important news and announcements.

Keep Customers In The Loop

Make it easy for customers to see important updates on your website.

Drive Engagement & Interaction

There are many ways to make a website more engaging & interactive. One of the most popular and effective ways is to use the announcement tools.

An announcement tool is a great way to get more sales on your website, promote an event, promote your latest product or service, or even promote a specific offer. The best part is it's fully customizable & sits within the broader BirdSeed widget.

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