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Turn website traffic into revenue by making it easy for potential clients to engage with your team and offer valuable legal information in a more personal way. Allowing your team to focus on winning cases as opposed to finding them.

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Birdseed & Lawfirms

Why use BirdSeed for
your law firm?

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Build Human Connection

Use chat & video in multiple ways to create deep visual connection with your clients prior to meeting.

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Promote User Engagement

Utilize your website to promote user engagement & qualify potential leads, to focus on generating revenue.

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Build Immediate Authority

Establish credibility with potential clients before they meet you with reviews, testimonials, & more.

Answer legal questions LIVE as prospective clients choose a law firm.

Imagine if you had a way to connect visually with your next legal client before they were able to meet with other attorneys regarding their case? With BirdSeed you are able to by using Instant Video Chat Responses.

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Better Ways for Potential Case Clients to Reach You

Offer your phone number and physical location to demonstrate you are the local legal expert.

Instantly schedule case consultations online or in-person to discuss any potential case.

Capitalize on immediate interest by entering a phone number to receive an instant call on case.

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Recent Case Wins or News About your Firm

This is a great way to not only show that your website is up to date and your law firm is active in industry, but also your opportunity to provide recent news about your team or upcoming events.

Educate To Establish Your Firm As Trusted Advisor

BirdSeed knowledge library

Provide answers to common legal questions or information specific to your law firm.

BirdSeed webinar tool

Show Videos to your prospects to visually explain any part of the case process or your firm.

BirdSeed feedback tool

Instantly educate potential clients about commonly asked questions.

Provide Valuable Legal Resources To Establish Early Lead Connection

Offer a whitepaper titled "5 Things to ask any firm before signing a contract" or some industry specific information to capture basic contact information and nurture a lead to be considered for legal services.

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