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BirdSeed Link Launcher

Effectively send users to important internal or external links in a visually appealing & interactive way.

Integrate your links in multiple formats throughout your site, efficiently leaving breadcrumbs & navigating users to conversion supporting pages such as checkout pages, 3rd party partners, logins, event info & much more.

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Seamless link integration has arrived.

Send Users To The Most Important Links

Take users to important internal/external links with a system that builds customer trust.

Create Visually Appealing Pop-Up Links

Make your user experience better with easy to navigate & visually appealing link popups.

Trigger Third Part Chat Instantly

Allow users to trigger third-party chat in just a few clicks for help right when they need it.

Highlight Important Links Throughout Your Site

Creators and merchants can include important links on the page through our-widget, displaying at pivotal moments in engagement to drive users where you WANT them to go.

Users are then funneled to conversion pages or informational pages designed to promote conversions. Giving control to website owners to dictate the user flow. Improving conversion rates.

Link Launcher

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