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Maximize E-Commerce Conversions

Humanize your E-commerce experience & optimize conversions by letting customers engage with your team, ask questions about your products, & hear what other customers have to say.

Why use BirdSeed for your
E-commerce business?

Build Trust To Purchase

Remove any concern that a shopper may have about your product or entering their payment information.

Offer Human Connection

Overcome the typical challenge of not being able to meet buyers "in-person" when buying online & humanize the experience.

Maximize Sales Decisions

Provide a buyer with critical info to help them take action in the limited time you have to capture their attention.

Answer LIVE product questions as potential buyers are shopping

Imagine if you could offer customers a live shopping assistant while they decide to try what to purchase? You can with BirdSeed's Instant video chat responses.

Provide More Ways For Your Buyers to Reach You

Demonstrate that you are more than a website by offering your contact details when needed

Allow someone to get help by asking questions even when you aren't available to respond live

Capitalize on immediate interest by entering a phone number to receive an instant call

Capture Buyer Interest Even If They Aren't Ready to Purchase Yet

Get creative! You can offer a coupon towards a future purchase or allow users to sign-up for future specials. Maybe provide a personalized video to show other users enjoying your products. Whatever you choose you will capture user attention by offering something of value in exchange for their information.

Educate At Every Step of the Sales Process

Provide instant answers on every topic from Shipping and Refund policy to product availability

Product videos are a great way to show of what you offer almost as if an "always-live" demonstration

Capture crucial website visitor information about your products and their shopping experience

Build Trust with Future Buyers By Telling The Story of Previous Ones

BirdSeed not only allows you to display text and/or video testimonials from your best customers, but we also provide you with your custom link to collect them.

Ready to boost engagement & drive conversions?