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BirdSeed Video Showcase

Increase engagement 10x by engaging users with instant video.

Capture the attention of potential customers with personalized video content, driving conversions & increasing revenue.

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Live Chat with Video Response

The new way of using video to increase sales.

Quickly Stand Out

Get face-to-face with potential clients the first time they visit your site.

Capture Instant Interest

Data shows users engage with videos 10x longer than static content.

Establish Real Credibility

By putting a face to a brand you will establish immediate credibility with users.

Make a personal connection with visitors

Imagine if you had a way to connect "in-person" with your next customer the second they visited your website. With BirdSeed you do!

Put a face to your name with our video showcase tool. Record your face, your screen, a custom video, or whatever you want for prospecting videos, follow-ups, product demos, FAQ's, live chat, and more.

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14-Day Free Trial