Why Use BirdSeed For Live Chat

Posted on March 2, 2022 in Live Chat

Why Use BirdSeed for Live Chat?

Live chat is an incredible tool to engage your online customers, answer product questions or provide support. There are many live chat software providers. So how do you know which is right for you? To answer this, let’s explore the challenges of traditional live chat software and how BirdSeed solves those issues.

The Challenges of Traditional Live Chat Software.

Traditional live chat software has several flaws. This is not referring only to cost, technical implementation, “can’t log in” issues, or other brand-specific challenges that may arise from various providers, but rather the entire way that live chat software is currently built and used.

The current live chat software landscape is often expensive, disruptive to your employee’s normal business activity, and time intensive. Some companies pursued live chat software that was designed to enhance the personal experience through two-way video live chat. Still, your visitors may not have or even feel comfortable with turning on their cameras or microphone. Other businesses discovered that one-way live streaming was also not the solution because it could be awkward, impersonal, resource-heavy, and uncomfortable for the chat operator.

Perhaps the largest issue is that live chat is rendered completely useless if your team is not available to interact with your online customers 24/7. Many consumers work during normal business hours, so the time they research and purchase products and services are often at night or on the weekend. How does traditional live chat software help then?

It doesn’t.

So why did companies decide to use live chat? Many decided that it would be best if it could be outsourced and found outsourced live video chat software providers so they could turn over the live chat responsibilities to them. Not surprisingly, there are numerous problems with outsourcing live chat.  

We have determined that traditional live chat is often not personal, not affordable, not convenient, and does not allow for the customer to be supported 24/7. So, what can a business do? What is the solution to providing an incredible experience for their online visitors? 

BirdSeed is the solution. 

Our live chat software system makes traditional live chat software obsolete. Our live chat software is an Intuitive, Powerful, Patent-Pending, Easy-To-Use, Affordable Live Chat with built-in engagement tools designed to work 24/7.

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