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Posted on October 7, 2022 in Live Chat

How To Use Live Chat For Real Estate in 2022

Real Estate is a hard, but lucrative industry. Out of the thousands of real estate agents and real estate agencies, someone has to choose from, how does one stand out? How do you prove that you provide the level of customer service you promise? How do you not miss a lead regardless of the time or way that a customer contacts you? BirdSeed live chat is the answer.

Live Chat For the Real Estate Industry

There are three things that any realtor or real estate agent must do to be successful. You must build relationships, provide an unprecedented level of customer service, and you must be available. Realtors and real estate companies often are making significant investments in technology to provide the best customer experience. Regardless of the size of your service- a multi-million dollar real estate agency, an independent realtor, or anything in between. BirdSeed provides an affordable, powerful engagement tool that works 24/7.

Web Tools For Realtors

Look at the many ways that BirdSeed Live Chat Software can help connect with your customer. Meet the customer where he/she is and how they prefer to communicate.

Birdseed is a personal, engaging live chat provider …however, we are also so much more. We believe that live chat is a crucially important component of the customer experience puzzle, however, we understand that some businesses want to engage customers in other ways as well. Instead of JUST a live chat provider, We consider BirdSeed a complete web engagement platform.  Look at the many ways below that our software offers how to engage with your customers.  You can pick which are applicable to your business.

Video Live Chat For Realtors

Imagine if you went to a website and asked a sales or support-related question and then could actually SEE the person responding to you?!?  Now you can provide that to your web visitors!

Create a personal and engaging experience for your web visitors when you are able to provide real-time recorded responses to their typed questions or use traditional text responses when you feel they are more appropriate.  You get to choose how and if you use video!

Creating the video responses is easy, quick, and done right through our software using any basic webcam.  You simply push a button, record the response, and review it… if you like it, you can send and if not, just re-record it!  All responses are controlled as there is no “live” video stream and we can even show you how to remove (hide) your current background during your video if you are worried it doesn’t look the way you prefer!

Telephone Contact (Or Callback Request)

Ever been to a website and couldn’t locate a phone number quickly to see if they are available by phone so you just moved on?  What about going to a website and finding a number only to call and realize they are closed?? How frustrating!

With our simple “Call” Feature, you are able to provide the direct number to the appropriate person as well as your hours of operation.  Because some people get overwhelmed by the prospect of getting someone “live” on the phone, we even offer them the ability to provide their contact information so you can contact them immediately upon request (also capturing lead information in the process).

Plus, the best part is that when you aren’t in the office, you can choose to not display that feature at all so people don’t waste their time trying to call and you can provide other ways for them to engage with your organization.

It may not seem like a big deal, but with attention being so important to capture, creating the right path to assist your web visitors correctly at all hours is crucial!

Video FAQ Library or (Text Answers)

Ever notice that a lot of the same questions get asked during Live Chat Conversations?  We certainly thought so and realized we might have a way of providing the same experience even if you aren’t available live to chat.  Why worry about having to hire staff after-hours to answer questions when you can quickly and easily add any common questions you get asked… and provide a personal, engaging response to your web visitor’s questions.

Not only that, even if you ARE available for chat maybe you want to offer the Video FAQ library as an option during work hours as well so you can take pressure off your staff who is already answering others’ questions or use the FAQ to avoid needing to answer the question real-time at all.

We have designed the library so you can organize your questions into whatever categories you choose and maybe even answer questions your visitors hadn’t previously thought about asking prior because other related questions will appear in the list!

One small example of how Birdseed is a great online web tool is that in addition to our Live Chat component, you can also easily schedule any event online.

Schedule Any Event

Nobody likes to wait anymore to get things accomplished… plus there is nothing worse than the inefficiency of having to find a date/time that works for both parties to schedule an appointment. Avoid all of that by allowing someone to know that by the time they leave your website, they have chosen a scheduled event time that works for both parties using Birdseed’s meeting scheduling tool.

A Few Other Examples:

Home Showing
Documents Appointment
Showcase Open House Events
BirdSeed has a way for ANY size real estate company to communicate and interact with customers 24/7.

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