BirdSeed for Churches

Bring your church website to life by using video and resources in ways that create an inviting and informative first impression to offer everything your new church members need!

Birdseed & Churches

Why use Birdseed to grow your Church community

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Show Your Church is Human

Use video within BirdSeed to give a good idea of the types of people that make up your community so they will feel more welcome early

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Offer Crucial Info For Comfort

Finding a new church can be scary and awkward, so do everything you can to give all of the information needed upfront

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Meet People Where They Are

Depending on where someone is in their faith journey they may be choosing a new or even a first church, so cater to all people

Answer Questions LIVE to show the church is a place of real humans

Imagine if you had a way to connect visually with each of your potential church members while they navigate your website? With BirdSeed that is possible with instant live chat video responses from anywhere!

Free live chat with Birdseed

Provide More Ways For a Prospect to Reach You

Offer your phone number and physical location to make it very simple to get in contact with you

Schedule an informal initial church tour to meet the Staff

Capitalize on immediate interest by entering a phone number to receive an instant call

BirdSeed feedback tool

Ask Questions to Meet People where they are

You are able to get a feel for where you visitors would evaluate their faith or experience church while also asking multiple choice questions that allow you to provide your responses based their answers

Educate At Every Step of the Faith Journey

BirdSeed knowledge library

Answer questions to crucial information related to your doctrine or any church details

BirdSeed webinar tool

Create a warm welcome by showing videos of events or even a tour of the church premises

BirdSeed announcements tool

Share any recent news or events which may draw in prospective guests to want to learn more

Provide Resources of Value to Connect Early

Offer to email weekly sermons or be added to the prayer groups... no matter what you offer in exchange for basic contact information, it will allow you to begin a relationship with little commitment and which one day may lead them to join your church community

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