Posted on May 8, 2023 in Live Chat

Birdseed has implemented significant changes to its platform, offering users a more inclusive and flexible experience.

Additionally, Birdseed has introduced a revamped pricing structure. Instead of requiring users to purchase a premium account to access all plugins, the platform now offers a marketplace where users can select and pay for individual plugins based on their specific needs. This new approach allows users to customize their experience and only pay for the plugins they truly require. By eliminating the need to invest in plugins you may not use, Birdseed empowers users to optimize their spending and allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring they get the most value out of the platform.

These changes reflect Birdseed’s commitment to improving user satisfaction and catering to individual preferences. By providing free users with expanded capabilities and introducing a flexible pricing model, Birdseed enhances its value proposition, making it a more accessible and user-centric platform for businesses of all sizes. Whether users are seeking advanced customer support features or specific plugins to boost conversions, Birdseed now offers a tailored approach that aligns with their unique requirements, ultimately helping them provide exceptional customer experiences.

The A La Carte Plugins

Effortlessly Educate Your Website’s Visitors

Birdseed offers a compelling solution for connecting with your customers and providing them with valuable information. With Birdseed’s comprehensive toolset, you can effortlessly display information in various formats across your website, empowering customers to choose their preferred mode of education. Whether they prefer videos, internal or external links, or articles and PDFs, Birdseed simplifies the process of presenting information in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly manner.

Take advantage of these useful plugins

  • Knowledge Library – Build an extensive information repository for your website visitors and customers.
  • Video Showcase – Highlight important videos to engage and inform customers and website visitors.
  • Link Launcher – Direct website visitors and customers to essential links with ease.

Establish Online Authority Through Your Website

Establishing online authority within your industry is vital, but finding the right plugins to accomplish this can be challenging. This is where Birdseed comes in. We provide a wide range of tools specifically designed to help you build the authority you need with your customers. With Birdseed, you’ll have the necessary resources to enhance your online authority effectively.

Make use of these empowering plugins

  • Event Announcement – Effortlessly announce online and in-person events to your audience.
  • User Feedback – Gather valuable feedback from customers instantly, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Client Testimonials – Showcase and collect client testimonials to build credibility and trust.

Streamline Customer Communication

Practical communication tools are essential components of any website. With an easy way for customers to connect with you, you can take advantage of crucial opportunities to assist potential customers and convert them into loyal patrons. Birdseed understands the significance of seamless customer interaction. Our communication plugins are purpose-built, ensuring a painless experience for both parties involved.

Take advantage of these communication plugins

  • Call Request – Enable customers to initiate phone calls with a simple click of a button.
  • Phone Contact – Offer contact information in an intuitive design, making it easy for customers to reach out.

Guide Customers Towards Conversions

The final stage of the customer journey holds the utmost importance, as it is where conversions occur. Providing the right tools and resources can make all the difference in guiding customers to complete their journey and choose your solution. Don’t miss out on potential customers who are ready to make a purchase but need that final push or boost of confidence.

Utilize these conversion-oriented plugins

  • Schedule Meeting – Allow website visitors to easily schedule conflict-free meetings with you.
  • Email Capture – Gather contact information from website visitors, helping you expand your reach.
  • Contact Form – Enable visitors to reach out through an intuitive contact form, facilitating effective communication and data collection.

Bringing It All Together

Take your customer engagement to new heights with Birdseed’s enhanced platform and recent changes. Experience the full potential of live chat with video response, providing real-time support and personalized assistance to your customers. This powerful feature strengthens your connection with customers, boosting satisfaction and issue resolution.

Birdseed’s commitment to flexibility and cost-effectiveness is evident with the introduction of the marketplace for individual plugin purchases. Choose only the plugins you need, eliminating unnecessary expenses and maximizing your return on investment. Tailor your Birdseed experience to align with your unique requirements and objectives, whether it’s enhancing your online presence, building authority, streamlining communication, or driving conversions.

Have questions about the recent changes or want to learn more about Birdseed’s marketplace? Our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover how Birdseed can revolutionize your customer communication, elevate your online authority, and drive conversions. Start your journey towards improved customer engagement today. Contact us now and let’s take your business to new heights with Birdseed.

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