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12 powerful tools to uniquely convert your visitors into future customers, all built into ONE button

Save Time and Money with BirdSeed

Once you realize how many different tools are needed to engage more of your website visitors.

BirdSeed as a total replacement for...

Why BirdSeed is better than the common engagement tools websites typically offer visitors

Live Chat

Chat bots

Pop-up widgets

12 powerful tools to meet your website visitors wherever they are in the sales process...

Early stage buyers

Many visitors aren't ready to interact directly yet while still just gathering information to figure out if you provide the right service or product they are looking to purchase.

Knowledge Library

Answers To Your Most Common Questions - You Can Even Add Responses With VIdeo!

Video Showcase

Add Multiple Organized Videos To Sell And Educate Or Create An On-Demand Webinar

Link Launcher

Link To Important Internal/External Resources Or Trigger 3rd Party Apps

Establish credibility

Often you are compared to another purchase option, so how do you quickly let your prospects know they are can trust you or understand what sets you apart from competitors?

Client Testimonials

Establish Credibility By Showing Real Comments From Customers

Event Announcements

Offer Something Of Value In Exchange For Providing An Email AddressGive Details On Recent Business News or Product Roadmap

User Feedback

Generate Valuable Information By Asking Quick and Simple Questions From VisitorsSend Any Type Of Message Which Requires A Response Later

Personal preference

Some people aren't accustomed to live chat, they may find it impersonal, or feel their question is too complex to type so being able to quickly make or request a phone call is important

Call Request

Visitors Can Provide Phone Number To Avoid Waiting on hold for Help

Live Chat

Text Live Chat + Send Videos Real-time to your website visitors.

Phone Contact

Immediate + Direct Phone Number To Get Through To The Right Person

Real time availability

If your business is open 40 hrs/week, that means you are closed 76% of the time - but you still need to engage your prospective customers during the times you aren't available

Schedule Meeting

Instantly Schedule A Future Meeting Based on Availability Of Both Parties

Email Capture

Offer Something Of Value In Exchange For Providing An Email Address

Contact Form

Send Any Type Of Message Which Requires A Response Later

Meet with customers while they browse

The best chance of selling a product or service to another human is when we see them, and there’s no better chance than when browsing your website and most interested. But that does present challenges that we have tried to solve:

The problem with 2 way live video chat…

Use BirdSeed's instant video responses to...

Additional features

Few more ways we help you easily connect with your new customers

Mobile app

Get notified instantly and respond to conversation requests "on the go"

Proactive Messages

Set customized multi-media messages to welcome and guide visitors as they browse

Desktop app

Stand-alone version of BirdSeed for when your browser is closed

Team routing

Create groups to route forms and conversations when appropriate


Connect in minutes to over 3,000 other applications using Zapier, Integrately and Pabbly Connect (coming soon)


Engagement page

Custom landing page to connect with customers anywhere, anytime

Get up and running in minutes

Turn your website into a 24/7 lead generation machine - in about 15 minutes!

"The main benefit of Birdseed is the flexibility. It just fits in our operational workflow. Enable or disable the tools you need, without spending an additional penny. Our leads increased 4x since we started using it."

Leonard Wolff Developer, Eikonikos

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