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Website Live Chat ServiceIn the first stage of the buying process, shoppers investigate. They may ask friends or post a poll on social media, but just about everyone nowadays opens a web browser and searches. The practice is so common, it has become part of our everyday language – “I’ll Google it.”

When their search leads them to your website, you must aid them in their investigation by providing answers, and doing it quickly. Each shopper has personal preferences in how they receive the information, but they all want to be able to find answers quickly. A Website live chat service offers an immediate solution for them, connects in real-time, and immediately starts to establish trust. Additionally, offering a website call back feature like the tool we offer and a meeting scheduler tool are great ways to follow up on your live chat session.


Build Trust

In a brick and mortar store, your customer can make eye contact and asking questions. They can read the name tag, and feel comfortable asking someone knowledgeable about the product. It is the building block of trust between a business and the consumer. A Website live chat service works very similarly by building the bridge between online and in-person stores.

Customers are initially skeptical when visiting any website. Start on the right foot by offering a way to connect that is personal to them. In the first sentence in the chat, they are introduced to a person by name and greeted. They don’t have to worry about spelling, or figuring out keywords like you would in a bot-chat. They can simply relax, and talk to a person comfortably. This goes a long way towards establishing that you are reputable.

First impressions are crucial to any relationship. If your website does not inspire trust, your visitors will quickly leave. The overall goal of your website should be to build trust, establish credibility, load fast, offer value and be easy to navigate. Read our blogs on embedding video in web pages, and adding website testimonials to learn how to give additional credibility to your website, making that critical great first impression!

Speed Shopping Experience

In today’s world, speed is king. Every website is different, but a general rule of thumb is if you can keep a visitor on your site for 15 seconds, you can keep them for longer. A visitor to your site is looking for something, and the faster you can give it to them the better. A Website live chat service offers an immediate solution to their information gathering, without having to go through your entire website for it.

The online community G2 says that “Studies show that phone, and even email, support are on the decline. The speed and convenience of a website live chat service is only fitting for the swiping, scrolling times we inhabit.* ”

They can find the product they want quicker, and your sales team can help them find the correct item for them, resulting in higher satisfaction. Also, speaking to someone knowledgeable about the product line may introduce them to a new product they had not considered before.

Your company benefits when the consumer makes the purchase, but, the consumer befits greatly for finding the product they needed without utilizing more of their valuable time. Speed plus great customer service equals a win!

Time To Frustration

Chatbot programs are used by some businesses, but we feel they can also be very harmful to your business. When a consumer uses a chatbot as opposed to a live chat, they can become frustrated and in some cases angry. That is not the mood you want your customers in!

The metric for how long it takes for a consumer to become frustrated with a chatbot is called “Time to Frustration,” and it can be quantified on your website. As a business owner, your decision to use a chatbot vs. a website live chat service comes down to how many potential clients are you willing to lose due to Time to Frustration.

Time to Frustration is markedly lower using a human being, for many reasons. Conversations have a certain flow to them that the best bot in the world can’t replicate. Human comprehension, syntax, tone, inflection, and intent are just not in the repertoire of a bot. People want to feel like they matter because they do. No robot can express sincere empathy and confidence.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding your customers goes a long way towards increasing their satisfaction, and one of the first things to understand is they have many options. But they are on your website now for a reason.

A Zendesk study showed that “92% of customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature when dealing with businesses, more than any other communication option.*” That could be due to many reasons, but the main reason is people simply like having a real person helping them.

A website live chat service can handle difficulties and problem-solve issues quickly, without any wait time. It can also be intuitive, and ask questions of the customer they may not have thought to ask. Sometimes, a great response is a question, and that is something bot cannot do.

Emailing a support team takes time, as does a call. But a live chat situation is instantaneous, and no one wants to wait for an answer when they encounter problems. Problem-solving quickly is a must for our buyers. In a live chat situation, a consumer can quickly outline an issue, and in many cases, receive a resolution.


A website live chat service provides visitors with instant access to your support staff and sales team (and vice versa,). Your team has many more opportunities to turn these prospects into clients. Take the time to see your site from your potential customer’s point of view. Offer helpful information before asking for your call to action or personal information.

In reality, not every visitor to your website wants to purchase your product or service today. But that doesn’t mean that their visit to your website can’t be successful for them. It may just be the start of a long-term business relationship.

Birdseed’s website live chat service is a robust tool you do not want your website to be without! We offer many options that help to aid in the information gathering, customer service, and trustworthiness of your website for your visitors. Contact us today, and let us help you connect this valuable tool easily with your website.

* Live Chat Drives Highest Customer Satisfaction

^^ Live Chat Statistics

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