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Website Google Meeting Scheduler SoftwareBack in the days of phone calls and day planners, arranging a meeting was complicated and time-consuming. If you were a casual shopper, taking the time to set up a meeting was almost unheard of. Most sales staff ensured you were prequalified first before spending any time on you as a prospect. Although that did ensure all prospects could purchase the product, it also eliminated potential customers that were viable prospects.

In today’s world, meetings and demos move at a much faster pace. One doesn’t have to drive hours to have a single meeting. Meetings can be done online, in any corner of the world – as long as the internet access works.

Although this is great news for widening the prospect net, it still doesn’t truly funnel clients to the appropriate sales team member. It also doesn’t solve how clients set up a time with you. Our Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software can help you accomplish that!

If your business is open 40 hrs/week, then you are closed 76% of the time – but you still need to engage your prospective customers during the times you aren’t available.

When a prospect is on your website and would like to learn more, they can set their meeting up at a time that is convenient for them. Once they click on the Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software, they have made the first step in the buying process, and it’s a big one. They are choosing to learn more about your product and committing to at the very least hear you out. They are committing their time to allow you to show them more of why you deserve that commitment from them.

Bill Gates illustrates this point saying, “You have a meeting to make a decision, not to decide on the question.” Their choice is to engage with you, to make a decision. A Google meeting scheduler is almost imperative. It moves a prospective client up the buying process chain, directly in the path of making the choice to go with you.


Real-time Availability

Our tools work when you are working and while you are away- you choose what works best for your business. We created our products specifically to help you gain more control over your life, not for you to lose control of your life to more technology. In addition to your website meeting scheduler tool, we offer a website call back tool and a live chat tool, designed to provide real-time availbility in several ways your customer will find convenient.

Plus, by enabling this balance, we help you and your business connect more with your audience, at times that are convenient for you and them. For instance, a typical business office closes at 5 pm. What happens to all the potential customers who chose to contact you outside of business hours? A Google meeting scheduler can help!

In a 24 hour day, you may work for 8 hours, but with our Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software, its like having an on-duty secretary the other 16 hours, helping you move your business forward. You do not have to be in the office for a meeting about your products to be scheduled. You and your customer save time by utilizing a Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software as only one of you has to be present.

Reduce Barrier Of Entry

Scheduling a meeting or demo with your company should be easy. Lower the barrier of entry by reducing the number of clicks. Eliminating registration and other time-consuming tasks help your prospective customer quickly make a choice.

Your meeting is now inviting and set at a time that is convenient for you both. You don’t require any additional staff to do it either, just your sales team.


Your BirdSeed Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software directly syncs with your Google Calendar. Your client enters their available times to meet, and our calendar tool pulls the times available from your calendar so you’re never double-booked.

Having available times to meet, and updating them in real-time is a tremendous asset to your sales team. Even when they are not working, they can have prospects lined up for them. The advantage to your client is there is no time spent on their end establishing a meeting with you. They just click and go!

Modernize The Experience

Having one additional method of connecting with your company is the modern way to do business. Technology is there to assist us, and our consumers are getting smarter and demanding options. For instance, by adding a new website announcement to your website with a call to action to set up a demo, you can instantly direct the customer to your sales team.

Adding  our Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software is not only convenient, but it shows your customers you care about their time. It also shows your business to be a modern, professional environment that has clear boundaries and accountability.

Additional Contact Method

Clearly, providing visitors with multiple points of contact for your business is a good idea. The goal of every contact point on your website is to quickly, and effectively present a method of getting in touch with your company. Providing multiple ways to connect with you, offers the user a better experience, and allows them to choose the method they are comfortable with, not just the one that works best for your business.

Some people will never be comfortable with live chat or looking around a website. They would much rather have a meeting with a knowledgeable employee who can walk them through their needs. Some would rather watch a website testimonial, but others would much rather have a meeting with a knowledgeable employee who can walk them through their needs.

Percentage of time in an average week sales reps spend on the following tasks*

Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software Chart

Typically, the amount of time your sales staff spends on connecting with clients is 36%, of which 12% is virtual. Imagine the number of clients or prospects they could connect with if you reverse those numbers. Non-sales tasks eat up 64%, bogging your reps down in tasks that have nothing to do with the actual sale. Utilizing smarter tools for your team will help increase their productivity and satisfaction. In turn, that helps your clients to feel more appreciated and valued.


In short, our Website Google Meeting Scheduler Software provides your prospective clients a way to learn more about your product on their time, and with your knowledgeable staff. This modern method of connecting with your sales team can dramatically increase your sales, and also save you time!

The Birdseed Google meeting scheduler is one tool you do not want your website to be without! Contact us today, and let us help you connect this valuable tool easily with your calendar and your website.

*Sales Force Statistics

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