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Website Call Tool

Omnichannel contact points are the fastest growing trend in customer service right now. Customers today expect a business to be able to transition seamlessly from live chat to email, to text, and phone calls. They also expect your website to have content and quick solutions like a website FAQ Generator or embedded video in the web page. Here at Birdseed, we help you fulfill that consumer driving force, helping you with a website call tool.

According to a Microsoft study, “about one in three people (30%) say the most important aspect of customer service is speaking with a knowledgeable and friendly agent.*”

Providing a phone contact is important, but giving an option to have a phone call with a knowledgeable agent without the wait time even more.

Do businesses still need phones?

YES! Call commerce is going strong. An estimated 1 trillion dollars in call business is projected for 2020. **
Some people aren’t accustomed to live chat, they may find it impersonal, or feel their question is too complex to type. A friendly voice dedicated to finding solutions is still a major choice for many people. Capitalizing on your business website call tool is essential if you are going to make gains in the upcoming trillion-dollar market share.

When your business shows up on a search page, there is a handy little phone icon to allow consumers to call you directly. Phone calls are one of the easiest ways to track new, recurring, and historical sales trends. Essentially, if your business has a phone, people will call. And a website call tool is essential to that process!

Offline Commerce

It’s hard to believe that some business is conducted offline, but it’s true. And phone calls provide the most popular offline ways to do business. The option of quickly making or requesting a website call tool is important to offer.

Over the phone, a representative can problem solve and find solution-based answers for your clients. It is an interactive form everyone is familiar with and comfortable with. Technology may change on how to handle phone calls, but having a conversation with an agent to conduct offline commerce is an option many people choose.

Return Call

A website call tool feature has quickly become a standard for business lines and websites to provide an option for their customers. On a business line, you choose if you want a call at the number you are calling from. On a website, our website call tool offers times, with the estimated waits built-in according to your schedule. Return calls are a great way to ensure you capture those offline commerce opportunities.

There are three key things to know about callback vs. waiting on hold:

1. Studies across the board show that phone customers prefer to receive a callback rather than wait on hold. This is consistent with our busy lives. Waiting on hold feels like you are just watching your life tick away at that companies expense. The most a customer wants to wait on hold is 1-5 minutes, and then they will choose to receive a callback if provided the opportunity.

2. Most consumers believe thirty minutes is an acceptable time frame to receive a website call tool. Generally speaking, most consumers understand they are not the only person who may be contacting that business. However, old times longer than thirty minutes may indicate a deeper issue within the business. A reasonable amount of time to expect a company to be organized and deliver great service is in that half-hour golden time frame.

3. Everyone prefers no waiting at all! We all have things to do, but if a phone is a preferred method, we would much rather have someone at our immediate disposal than sit and wait for a company to provide the service needed.

Empowering Your Customer

Using a call back feature like the tool we provide has several benefits. If the call is about a sale letting your visitor chose the call time empowers them to start the decision-making process that usually results in a sale.

Customer service is the main reason for phone calls. Begin your service by offering great training to your agents, and teach them the value of helping to empower your customers. Offering your customers a website live chat tool or meeting scheduler tool are other omnichannel points of communication.

Offering options for solutions, and happily giving them what they need is all part of helping your customers be involved in the process. With their involvement, they are happier, and more fulfilled knowing they had the power to choose what would best serve their needs.

That is how we designed the website call tool feature. To offer an empowering option to your customers, to start their customer service or sales call with you on the right foot, keeping them happy!


“A promise made must be a promise kept,” Aristotle famously said. Keeping and delivering on your promises is exactly how you build trust and credibility with your prospective and current clients. Calling them back, at the time they asked for is keeping your promise. It’s similar to showing up to a meeting on time or picking a friend up at the airport. If your company website said you will do something, ensure that it happens.

Whether your website call tool is customer service related issue or a sales call, you start your conversation by already have committed and performed a promise to them. When they choose a call time, and you return the call in that frame, you’ve taken a step in establishing your credibility with them. Before even speaking a word, you have proven your company is trustworthy and dependable.


The convenience of a phone call can mean big offline commence dollars to your company. You can utilize your online technology to help accomplish that goal while providing omnichannel contact points to seamlessly connect every type of prospect you encounter.

Using the Birdseed website call tool tool makes it even easier for your clients to find answers by empowering them to make decisions, gives your business credibility with them for keeping your promise, and overall making it easier for them to gather information. It’s a solution that is easier to use and integrates with your current technology quickly.

* Microsoft Customer Service Study

** Call Commerce Study

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