Posted on February 15, 2020 in Live Chat Software

Twitter has become one of the most popular methods of quickly getting short bits of information out to the public. With its severe character count, it does limit what you can and can’t post. On your website, you can utilize a technology called a website announcement tool. A website announcement tool works in almost the same manner as Twitter.

Don’t let the name fool you; it is not just a big bar of text at the top of your screen. The beautiful thing about a website announcement tool is the ability to display a message on every page of your website, or just the pages you select. You get immediate exposure while communicating your most important message to visitors. The message is important, but it also adds value to your visitor’s visit.

Churchhill once said “If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time-a tremendous whack.”

Although a website announcement tool is not a whack, it is front and center, imparting your most important messaging immediately to your web site visitors.


What value does it have?

A website announcement tool comes in many forms. They can be a timer countdown, an email subscription option, or discounts, the list goes on. It is a soft version of a pop-up, but it should not ever get in the way of your customers interacting with your site. It should add value to their visit.

A great website announcement tool also provides value to you and your company. It can increase engagement and conversions, and also improve your corporate messaging. The ability to impart just a few lines of text immediately to every visitor is an opportunity no business should pass up.


What Information Can I Use On it?

The type of information you can quickly impact on a website announcement tool is just as varied as the types of information you have. Pretty much anything can go on a website announcement tool. But to capitalize on the value to your customers, be choosy about what information you add.

Some of the valuable information you can display to your visitors quickly is:

Shipping Information
Shipping information is many cases is in real-time these days, but it’s not magic. Some variables can impact shipping times and schedules. If there are unique weather conditions that may impact shipping, you can use a website announcement tool on your product page, checkout page, or your entire website to keep your clients informed. You can also direct them to your FAQ generator for their most common questions. Your customers will appreciate the timely information, and as a result, will see you as a trusted and valued partner.

One of the biggest ways we tend to notice website announcement tools is by companies who use them to offer promotions. Current promotions can be displayed, as well as flash sales on products you need to move quickly.

Create a sense of urgency by utilizing a countdown website announcement tool. It logs when a customer logs on your site and will stop the discount when they run out of time. Also, a discount code can remain on screen for those who share an email address with you, creating a sense of immediacy to their purchase.

Up-Sell Offers
With every item placed in a shopping cart, you can let your customers know how much more they need to purchase before receiving free shipping. This will not only increase the products you sell, but your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness and consider its value-added. No one likes to pay shipping fees!

Similarly, you can create a bar that will show related and complementary products to the item they just placed in their cart. There are many ways to up-sell your products with just a simple website announcement tool. See how useful it is already?

Call To Action
Do you offer services? If so, a CTA website announcement tool may be very helpful in promoting a new service line or class you offer. You can add information about a new class or group, with a CTA button that directs your website visitor to a meeting scheduler or a website call back tool. You can add information about a new class or group, with a CTA button that directs your website visitor to a signup page. Just about any current call to action your company has an added to a website announcement tool. If you value people watching a new company video, or looking at a new product line, you can easily direct web traffic to that page on your website

Add Followers
Visitors on your site are there to learn more about you. Actively engaging them from the moment they arrive sets up a great first impression. In addition to directing them to your videos embedded on your website, your YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram page are great avenues for them to learn more about your business. Utilize a website announcement tool to ask visitors to follow and subscribe to your channels. You can even add a subscribe button on the website announcement tool.

On youtube, find your User ID, and enter it in this link: .

A new browser window will open to YouTube, and will automatically ask the user if they wish to subscribe. With two clicks, you have a new follower, and they can immediately.

Company Updates
Stock price up? Hire a New Employee? Add a notification with a link for additional information. An important new hire to announce is a new member of your sales team. Prepare a “Get To now Our New Hire’ page, and add bio information, pictures and/or contact information. This can be especially helpful for your sales force, as they receive an introduction to new prospects. It is personable and great to add a face with a name.


Increasing the value of your website to your clients is a must, and communication is the key to real value-add. Your website announcement tool can increase sales, conversions or sign-ups, but it can also be utilized in a variety of ways to improve your company messaging.

The Birdseed easy to use website announcement tool is one tool you do not want your website to be without! Contact us today, and let us help you integrate this valuable announcement tool easily to your website.

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