Posted on February 15, 2020 in Live Chat Software

Free Online FAQ Generator People prefer communicating in many different methods online. Live chat is great for some, others may prefer scheduling a meeting with a knowledge salesman, but others prefer to search for the information on your site and read about you. A knowledge library or FAQ section is a great area to have for people who enjoy reading. Plus, they might be intimidated by a chat.

Plus, a knowledge library provides fast answers to the top questions your visitors have had historically. I like a good FAQ as it not only has quick answers, but it answers questions I may not have thought to ask.

Visitors may be information gathering, looking for customer service, or up to date information on a variety of topics. Whatever the reason, your free online FAQ generator should be modern and optimized for their searches.

Information Seeking

Web surfing is just a colloquialism for information gathering. Having a site that provides more information, and higher quality content is how you convert a “surfer” into a prospect.

Your website content should be value-added for your clients. You can achieve that by answering their questions, solving their problems, or just generally improving their life. That may seem like a tall order, but they are the ones searching for something. If you can help them in their search, you can do all three of those things to add value to their queries. Use a website announcement tool to direct them to your FAQ easily.

Your Free online FAQ generator is a great opportunity to provide information to your customers about your company, and also general questions about your industry.

Casting a wider net to capture voice searches with a well-written FAQ is imperative these days. Many people use voice searches, and as such, many search engines check your website for matches to voice searches. By using a conversational tone in an FAQ section, you can capture many of these searches. Someone just browsing for information may plan to just quickly glance at your site for the information they are looking for, but they may also stay and become your next client.

Modernizing Information Searching

Well written articles contain what we call “keywords” and those keywords are what make Google look to your website as an authority. For instance, if you are in a highly competitive market, having a free online FAQ generator offers your company the opportunity to add value to your website in order for search engines to rank you higher.

If you try a search on your browser, you will see small descriptions under a heading. Those descriptions are called snippets, and your free online FAQ generator will quite often turn up in snippet form under searches people perform while information gathering. This, in turn, helps your clients find you, but more importantly, it also helps them find the information they are searching for quicker.

Improve User Experience

Key features you need in a good free online FAQ generator is to keep articles well organized, give great searchable information, and make sure you are providing real frequently asked questions. If you have more than ten answers in your  FAQ, organize  into categories to help your users find the topic they need more easily.

By organizing your top questions and categories, visitors have a central location to visit when they have questions. Also, it aids in navigation on your site. Plus, you can direct users to product information pages, blogs, or even directly link them to your store.

Customer Service

A free online FAQ generator can be seen by some as only customer service. However, a great FAQ should be set up to provide support to your customers throughout the entire buying process. Serving your customers should be a priority, from the front, the middle and back end of the process.

Great customer service is serving your clients’ needs and setting realistic expectations for them. An FAQ can set an expectation for prospective clients that usually the only experience with your company can offer.

For instance, if your shipping usually takes 1-2 weeks, and you have an FAQ on what resources are available when arrival is late, you can help avoid frustration ahead of time. The client is now equipped on how to address the concern with your company.  Both parties can come to a faster resolution.

Up to Date Information

Sending a press release, or posting product updates to social media is all well and good, but after they go out, where does the information live? Giving a home to the information your clients need is critical in the communication process.

Recently changed products or services can be quickly added to an FAQ to provide quick, reliable information to your clients. If done correctly, your FAQ is a trustworthy news source to your clients for  everything related to your company. If they should encounter questions down the road, they can always come directly to your free online FAQ generator, knowing your company is proactively keeping them updated.

Reduce Effort For Answers

Finally, giving a customer the ability to find answers quickly on their time is great for your company.  This is especially true for reducing man-hours. However, it’s even better for your prospective and current customers. After watching one of your website testimonials, your client may have questions. Provide them a direct link to your FAQ tool with pertinent information.

A prospective customer often has questions that require simple answers. Help them avoid spending their time (and yours) with a phone call, email or meeting. They will appreciate a company that has answers for them, without wasting their time.

Your current clients have needs that are more complicated but have a greater payoff for helping them. You are their go-to expert, and they should be comfortable looking to you for answers. With updated information available to them on their time, you continue to prove you are a reliable and trustworthy company.

A great free online FAQ generator offers you the chance to advance the conversation with your customers, without you being there. You can provide answers to questions they have. Plus give additional knowledge about your company they did not know they needed.

Using the Birdseed free online FAQ generator makes it even easier for your clients to find answers by reducing the effort for answers, simplifying their information gathering, improving their user experience and overall making it easier for them to gather information.

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