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Embed Video in HTML Web Page

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? A million? A billion words? Most information transmitted to our brain is visual, and we are hard-wired to retain that knowledge. We can read and retain short chunks of information very quickly, like information in a website announcement bar, or succinct information you may have in a website FAQ generator.

People watch significantly more video than ever before, and although most video may be about adorable cats, some video consumers watch is about products and services. In all seriousness, video product reviews lead to more sales than written ones, video product demonstrations are preferred over written descriptions, and video testimonials connect on a deeper level than written ones. Honestly, I’m not sure how society functions with the incredible amount of video watching we do.

A well-made video speaks to the storyteller in all of us. It has a beginning, middle, and end, and often pulls in the watcher by being relatable, in turn making them included. When a consumer watches an embedded video in HTML web page, they are asking to be included in your brand. They want to see themselves using your product or service, and embedded video offers the multimedia experience to do just that.


1. The Story Soft Pitch

Selling is about storytelling, and embedding videos in an HTML web page is a great way to share a story. While engaging in one video, they can watch more and more, and in the process, become more familiar with your brand as a result.

A brand I like came out with a new product, and upgraded model to an older model I have at home. This company has a great marketing team and created product videos to go along with the release. The company never said anything bad about the older model, they just extolled the virtues of the new one. Their story was compelling enough to stick in my head. I was perfectly happy with my old model until I watched the new product videos. Every time I used my older model, I thought to myself the new model doesn’t have this problem, and I begrudged my old model not having the same capabilities.

This type of video is not a sales pitch, it is a story. A story about how life is better with the product on the video. And stories like that sell. (Yes, I bought the new model!)


2. Dwell Time

A website has one main goal for a business… sales. Sure there are many other aspects you include but in the aggregate, business comes down to sales. Studies show the longer a visitor stays on your website (dwell time) the higher the likelihood a sale will occur. Even if studies didn’t support this, common sense does. When you embed video in a HTML web page, you keep people on your website for longer periods, while engaging with your content. Engaged visitors are more likely to purchase your product and tell others about you.

Easy enough, right?

Using embedded video in an HTML web page is that leap from casually browsing, to committing to additional time. The first video a user clicks generally gives them a gauge of how long of a time commitment they are investing in, and if they choose to continue watching, they are committing that much further into learning about you. Each additional video watched compounds the commitment and desire to learn more and adds to more time spent on your website learning.


3. Establish Trust

When you embed video in a HTML web page, it helps people get to know you and helps establish the foundations of trust with your company. You should tell your business story and show how you started, what your identity is and what your plans are. This establishes a back story to your brand and an identity that the consumer can relate to. Your story also shows your differentiators, the how and why of you being different. Your narrative should be relatable and showcase all the best of your history, present, and future.

When a consumer can relate to your story and becomes involved in your brand, you are making a promise to them to continue down that path together. You are establishing more trust with your consumers by being open and sharing more about you. This is especially true for website testimonial videos.


4. Interest

Videos keep your audience interested, no matter your product or service. Consumers use embedded video in HTML web page as an integral part of their journey with your brand, and they are excited to see more video content.

Videos should explain a product, how to use it, or how to better utilize a service you provide. They can follow up on your video in your live chat, or other areas on your website. Providing useful and important information is the keystone to a long term relationship with your client. By providing the information visually, you are helping them retain the knowledge they may find helpful down the road.


5. Conversion

Converting a prospect into a client becomes much easier with the use of proper video marketing and embed video in a HTML webpage. Many of the questions consumers have are answered, plus they understand more about you and your company and more importantly can retain that information.

According to a 2019 study by Wyzowl, “84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.*”

I do not find that statistic hard to believe. It’s the reason we have multi-million dollar commercials during the Super Bowl. Embed video in HTML web page on your website is absolutely something your business should be capitalizing on.



The benefits of video to you and your customers are numerous. We know video works, but to be truly effective marketing tools, your website needs to be able to play them without delay or slow responses. They should also be easily accessible, and in a format, the consumer can choose to watch a different topic, or pause and share them with ease.

Your video content should be engaging, informative, and professionally done. Bad video gives the impression of an unprofessional company. Your customers committed to investing their time in learning about you. Invest in the time they are spending by upgrading your multimedia.

Birdseed helps encode your video on your website into smaller bits that do not take time to upload. It is easy to embed video in HTML web page, and easy on your server and your bandwidth. All your clients have to do is just click on your amazing content, and be impressed! Contact us today, and let us help you integrate your videos easily to your website.


* Video Marketing Statistics 2020

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