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Display Website Testimonial Examples

One of the great joys in business is receiving an endorsement. A website testimonial example from a client is a wonderful pat on the back. More than a thank you, an endorsement can boost your business and product credibility more just about any other method.

Website testimonials examples are one of the most powerful ways you can establish credibility, build brand loyalty, showoff success, and sell more products.

Establish Credibility

Factors such as a professional-looking website and consistent branding lend towards establishing your credibility with a new prospect. However, when faced with multiple purchasing options, website testimonial examples quickly let your prospects know they can trust you. This sets your brand apart from your competitors with credibility established by others.

Utilizing reviews from other sites on your website is also great. However, not all third-party review sites will fit your products or services. So the need to include website testimonial examples on your website is great. Use our embed video in a web page tool to display your video testimonials. Potential customers who are on the fence about your product will want to see as much evidence as possible that working with you is the right choice. Make that easy for them by offering them recommendations from your clients everywhere you can.

Word of mouth is a great way to help your brand move forward.  Reviews and recommendations are part of that. In a Nielson Study, they found that “recommendations from people I know” scored highest on trust, with 92 percent of consumers trusting this source completely or somewhat.*” I don’t think these findings are surprising at all, but rather, they do underscore the absolute necessity of including website testimonial examples on your site.


Social Proof

Website testimonial examples allow your satisfied customers to step forward and alleviate the fears of prospective clients. This is what we call “Social Proof.”  It is an incredibly persuasive tool you can utilize on your website to prove trust even before doing business with someone.

Showcase Success

Ever meet someone who starts every sentence with the word “I?” The egomaniac that doesn’t seem to hear anyone else. Some companies are like that also. They love to show off their success, well deserved or not, but it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Sometimes, the very best compliments come from those who know you best.

Great website testimonial examples are all about your client, and your business is just playing a supporting role. Website testimonial examples showcase your best success stories and framed in a powerful delivery. Generally speaking, they provide evidence that your company is the best, and other people should spend their money with you too.

A message from a client who helped your business achieve a goal, maybe a financial goal, or won an award for the work you did for them, is powerful. In the process of describing what they like about your company, the goal you achieved is spoken about in a way framed to focus on the client. Of course, you are the one who achieved the goal, a point your viewer won’t miss. Far from it, your point can be made stronger by framing the context of the video around the client instead of your business.

Build Brand Loyalty

Knowing others have been happy with your company helps a prospect start the emotional journey of brand loyalty. Repeat business is what helps a company stay viable long-term, and turning a lukewarm prospect into a super hot long term client is a big deal. It all starts with helping your client develop an emotional attachment to your business.

The emotional investment people display in website testimonial examples helps a prospect start to develop that same emotional attachment to your company. Essentially, by seeing through someone else’s eyes, they can quite literally see themselves as that happy, satisfied customer also. Decision-making can be an emotional decision.

Also, the person giving the website testimonial example becomes a spokesperson. Once they endorse you, it is very rare they take back their testimonial. Instead, they usually become the person telling friends, family, and strangers all about you and your product. That is the loyalty your brand is looking to build, as it lasts long-term.

Sell More

By transforming your sales pitch into an unbiased review of your product, website testimonials naturally lend to greater sales. Link a great testimonial to your website call back request tool as a call to action, or invite them to read more through your FAQ generator. The creditability of the source is there, it’s a real person, who also concluded your product was a good fit for them. Knowing someone else tried and liked the product enough to endorse it is a powerful sales tool your team should be utilizing.

Consider what it would take for the most skeptical potential client to move forward with your company. The right website testimonial examples can convince even the most skeptical of prospects. Having gone through bad experiences with companies in the past, or just hard to convince in general. By reading or watching great website testimonial examples it may make all the difference into a decision in your favor.

Most Effective Website Testimonial Examples

Your most effective website testimonial examples will endorse the greatest benefits of your product or service, while also giving solid evidence to support their view. Add new testimonials to a website announcement tool to grab attention right away!  If they compare your product favorably against a competitor unfavorably, even better! It should be relatable, while also being credible. People are bound to put more trust in someone who has already used the product successfully than the person trying to convince us to buy it.

It is easy to take website testimonial examples, place them on one page of your website and forget them. Although it is a great idea to consolidate, that shouldn’t be the only place and way you utilize them. Frequency of appearance reaffirms your credentials to those who are just they’re browsing your site. Making website testimonial examples available on every page is key to frequency. That’s the main reason we developed our website testimonial examples tool to help ensure they are seen.

Customer website testimonial examples can immediately let a website visitor know if your product or service fits their needs. Birdseed can help you display your customer website testimonial examples in an easy-to-view format, that is also easily found.

*Nielson Insights

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